Welcome to Norfolk Plumbing & Electrical Supplies Ltd and United West Sales Ltd

NORFOLK PLUMBING & ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES is at present very different from its humble beginnings in 1982 from the basement of Popat (Bob) Unadkat’s home on Norfolk Street in Burnaby with $5000 dollars borrowed from the bank. Bob fist arrived in Canada as a Uganda refugee in 1972 with three young kids that were all under the age of 12.

With Government help he started working for Max Goldberg on Hastings Street until 1980. Soon after he joined B.C. Plumbing as a purchaser but unfortunately he was let go in 1982. At this point he decided to start his own business with his wife and kids support; he bought plumbing supplies and stored it in his basement. Soon after he rented a store at 5064 Victoria Drive where it is still presently operating under his son Vipul (Dave) at the second location. A second location on 6th Street, Burnaby under the name of UNITED WEST SALES is run by his second son Nitesh (Nick).

Since the beginning Unadkat family motto is to provide the best service in heating and plumbing by supplying products and repairs at competitive prices and efficient service. From emergency hot water tank replacement service to the regular plumbing and heating services provided by our experienced, licensed plumbers and gas fitters, to also helping and guiding the homeowner who is interested in doing the job himself. We like to be as versatile as possible for a family owned business.

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